What grandpa did

This case is on page 59, in my book, “WHAT Mommy Doesn’t Know.” A male youth reported that when he was 11, he went on a weekend trip with his grandpa. They slept in the same bed. One night, he woke up, still half asleep, and realized his grandfather had both of their pants down. He had the boy’s buttocks on top of his penis and he was moving him back and forth until he (the grandfather) ejaculated. As a result, this youth sexually offended a young child.

Parents, you must watch everybody, even family members!!! Remember, kids are usually sexually abused by someone they know or by someone you least expect…FAMILY MEMBERS!!! Please watch everybody!!!

It happened in a public bathroom

I just can’t understand why a parent would send their child alone into a public bathroom!!! I interviewed a teenage male, who said he went into a restaurant, hid in a stall, and was waiting for a female to walk in. He said that he was going to rape the first female that walked through the door. Well…a five year old walked in the restroom without her mother. He destroyed that girls’ life! He digitally penetrated her and was also getting ready to sexually penetrate her, but her mother walked in. I guess her mother was done eating and wondered what was taking her daughter so long. This is crazy!!! You cannot send your child alone in a public bathroom. Predators hang around places where they know parents will become careless and think that no one is crazy enough to rape their child. Guess what, a predator will always appear in places you least expect. This is how they get the opportunity to rape your child!!! WATCH YOUR CHILDREN!!!

A babysitter from hell

A lot of parents use their older children to baby sit their younger children. This could turn into a parent’s worse nightmare. I interviewed a female who said that her mother allowed her teenage brother to babysit her when she was five. He showed her a pornograhic movie and said ” This is what a brother and sister are supposed to do.” She believed him until she was 13 and received sex education at school.  She said that when she was young, her mother would always ask her when she was giving her a bath “Has anyone been hurting you?” She always told her no, because her brother told her “This is what a brother and sister are supposed to do.” Therefore, she never knew her brother was actually hurting her, until she received sex education.

Parents, please educate your children about sexual abuse, before someone else gets the opportunity to give your children the wrong information. Don’t let a predator get to your child first!!!


I don’t understand why some mothers will meet a man one week and move him into her house with her kids the next week. Women you cannot be this desperate! Why would you want a sorry, not having no job, broke, never graduated from high school, and just got out of prison man moving into your house. He don’t want you!!! He wants your little boys, your little girls, and your paycheck. I interviewed a teenage boy and he said that his mother moved a man in her house as soon as he got out of prison. She met him through her sister’s boyfriend, who was also in prison. She would leave this man at home with her kids, while she worked THREE JOBS!!! This man was sexually abusing her daughter and beating her son until he could not move. When I interviewed her son, he had patches of hair missing. I asked him what happened. He said while his mom’s boyfriend  was beating him, he would rip pieces of hair out of his head. He said his hair never grew back.

Mothers, please stop being so desperate so your children will not have to experience the same nightmare!!!

It started from pornography

Are you aware that a lot of youths start sexually abusing children after viewing pornography. The majority of the youth I have interviewed started accumulating victims after viewing sexually explicit movies. Mothers, please monitor what your children watch on television and the internet!!! And PLEASE stop buying your kids these expensive phones so they will not have access to the internet. Buy your children “Flip phones.” The only thing their phones need to do is ring, call out, and text!!!

How To Prevent “Kids Raping Kids”and Adults from Sexually Abusing Children


Mothers, fathers, and caregivers, the main focus of this blog is to make everyone aware of how teenagers and adults get the opportunity to sexually abuse children and how to prevent it. The main reason why a sex offender is able to sexually abuse a child, is because parents least expect that person to sexually abuse their child. Lack of awareness it the strength of a sex offender. Therefore, I will share cases from my book and hope everyone will also share so together we can make parents more aware of how offenders get the opportunity to abuse children and how to prevent it. (If you have any questions, please feel free to contact me: jeffersonjessica@sbcglobal.net. My book can be puchased on Amazon.com or Barnes and Noble.com)