Mommy let her go to the bathroom alone



Mother’s, this is crazy!!! Why would you send a six year old to the bathroom alone! People go to church, because they either want to get delivered or stay delivered. Church is like a hospital…people go because they need help!!! A lot of people at church are not strong enough to fight off temptation yet. THEREFORE, YOU DO NOT TEMPT A SEX OFFENDER BY SENDING YOUR CHILD TO THE BATHROOM ALONE!!! STOP BEING SO LAZY, GET UP, AND TAKE YOUR CHILD TO THE BATHROOM! THIS OFFENSE COULD HAVE BEEN PREVENTED. I WOULD HAVE PUT THE MOTHER IN JAIL TOO FOR NEGLECT!!! THIS STORY TOOK ME OVER THE EDGE!!! I AM SO MAD!!!

A nightmare in the van


A teenage male reported that his mother was a babysitter so she always had kids over at his house. He said that he really didn’t have a lot of friends so he really enjoyed playing with the kids. One day his mom had to go to the mall so he went along with his mother and one of the chidren she was watching. When she went in the mall, she left them in the van alone. She told the boys she would be right back. While they were in the van, he was playing a video game with the boy. However, he would only let him play for short periods of time, and then he would take the game away. The boy kept begging him to play. He told the boy if he wanted to play, he had to pull his pants down. The boy pulled his pants down and he attempted to anally penetrate him. He said the boy started screaming and hollaring so loud that he stopped and gave the boy the game so he would stop crying.

Mothers, if you are babysitting, you do not leave the kids with your teenage kids so you can go in the mall!!! This is crazy!!! Don’t volunteer to watch anyone’s kids if YOU ARE NOT GOING TO WATCH THEM.!!!


Daddy left the porn out

A teenage male reported that he really enjoyed watching movies so he would usually watch them a lot at night. However, ¬†one night, he went to push play, but it was not his movie that he left in the DVD player. It was his father’s pornograhic movie. He said that he watched the entire movie and really enjoyed it. He hid it and would watch it every night when his parents went to bed. One day, when his parents left the house, he decided to look around to see if his dad had more movies. He found a big duffle bag with multiple pornograhic movies in it. He also started watching those movies every night. He got addicted to watching them and wanted to try some of the sex acts. He sad his parents would leave him alone a lot with his two younger brothers. One night when he watched one of his movies, he made his brothers watch the movie with him. He performed oral and anal sex on them and made them reciprocate. This went on for about a year.

Parents, if you are going to keep pornography in your house, please keep it under lock and key. When you have children, you must treat pornography like a gun, because once it is used, it can destroy a child’s life forever!!!




Mommy should have told her!

I interviewed a teenage female, who said that her friends would always talk to her about performing oral sex on their boyfriends. She said that she always felt left out, so she would constantly think about how she could perform oral sex on someone, so she could tell her girlfriends that she was also having oral sex. One day, when she got home from school, she went into the bedroom and started playing with her three year old brother. While she was playing, she thought about performing oral sex on him. The bedroom door was shut so she thought this was a good time to try it. She pulled her brothers pants down and started having oral sex on him. However, shotly after, her mother walked in. You can only imagine what happen next.

Parents, it is important that you educate your children about sex, before their friends give them the wrong information. You do not want your children to be labeled as JUVENILE SEX OFFENDERS, because you failed to educate them. Please start talking to your children more about sex.

A walk to hell

A female youth disclosed that when she was 10, her life changed after a simple walk. She said she was walking around in the neighborhood, because it was a nice day. As she walked across an alley, these two teenage male youths stopped her. She thought they just wanted to talk to her. While she was talking, they both grabbed her and dragged her into an abandoned house. After threatening to beat and kill her with a pipe, they raped her. She was made to perform oral sex on one of the boys, while the other one anally and vaginally penetrated her.

Mother’s, please go outside with your children. A child going outside now is like releasing your kids to a bunch of wild animals. Therefore, you must not allow your kids to go outside alone!

Kids raping kids

I interviewed a parent, who was devastated , due to allowing two foster children to live in her home. She said, before the kids moved in, the social worker gave her very little information regarding the two boys (ages 8 and 12) that resided in her home. The boys never gave her too much trouble so she let her guard down and would allow them to play with her 5 year old daughter alone in different rooms in her home. One day, the kids were upstairs alone and she said that something told her to go and check on them. When she opened the bedroom door, the 8 year old had her 5 year old’s legs spread wide open, the 12 year old was on top of her, and both of their underwear were down. She said he was trying to penetrate her daughter. She was devastated and immediately had the two boys removed from her home. Afterwards, she found out that both boys had been sexually abused.

Mothers, before you allow foster children to move into your home, you must find out everything about them. Also, never leave them alone with your children. You must watch your children at all times, if you want them to stay safe!


Daddy why???

I interviewed a teenage male, who said that he had a good life, but there was one thing missing…a relationship with his biological father. (He lived with his mother and step father.) However, he said one day, his father called and asked his mother if he could start building a relationship with him. He said he was so excited. His father would take him to his cabin on the weekends. He said after a couple of months, his dad wanted him to meet his grandfather so he could also start spending some time with them. He said they would go fishing, fly kites, and play cards. He said he was so happy. But one day, every thing changed. He said he didn’t know why, but his father started raping him and his grandpa would join in. He couldn’t understand how a dream come true could turn into the worse nightmare of his life!!!

Mothers, when your child’s father calls out the blue and ask to see his child, do not allow him to start off taking him away for the entire weekend!!! You need to do your own investigation before you allow your kids to visit with a man who disappeared for years and all of a sudden, he pops up and wants to take your kids off for the weekend. This should raise a red flag! You must watch everybody! Follow your intuition and please be more careful when it comes to your kids!!!