I interviewed a female, who disclosed one of the most horrific cases I have ever heard of in my life. She said that she really loved her parents and she had a GREAT LIFE, until the day her mother became her offender. She said one day her mother got really upset with her. Instead of spanking her, her mother took her into the bedroom, put her daughter in between her legs, and made her perform oral sex on her. She said she tried to get away, but her mother would hold her head in her VAGINA, until she was satisfied. This would occur every time her mom got mad at her. She said sometimes, when her mother would make her perform oral sex on her, she could barely breathe, but her mother was more concerned about her pleasure.

When she got older she decided to tell her father for the first time. When she told him, she said that he got so mad at her. Instead of asking his wife was it true, he put his daughter out of the house. As a result, she was put into multiple foster homes that she got removed from, and she was placed in multiple residential treatment facilities.

Fathers, LISTEN TO YOUR CHILDREN!!! If a child tells you that her mother is making her perform oral sex on her, YOU BETTER DO SOME SERIOUS INVESTIGATING!!!! If that was my child, I would have placed hidden cameras all over my house. When I caught her, I would have first taken justice into my own hands and then I would made sure she never got out of prison!!!! This child will be messed up for the rest of her life, all because…DADDY DIDN’T LISTEN!!! I’M STILL MAD ABOUT THIS CASE!!!!!!!!!!!