Daddy why???

I interviewed a teenage male, who said that he had a good life, but there was one thing missing…a relationship with his biological father. (He lived with his mother and step father.) However, he said one day, his father called and asked his mother if he could start building a relationship with him. He said he was so excited. His father would take him to his cabin on the weekends. He said after a couple of months, his dad wanted him to meet his grandfather so he could also start spending some time with them. He said they would go fishing, fly kites, and play cards. He said he was so happy. But one day, every thing changed. He said he didn’t know why, but his father started raping him and his grandpa would join in. He couldn’t understand how a dream come true could turn into the worse nightmare of his life!!!

Mothers, when your child’s father calls out the blue and ask to see his child, do not allow him to start off taking him away for the entire weekend!!! You need to do your own investigation before you allow your kids to visit with a man who disappeared for years and all of a sudden, he pops up and wants to take your kids off for the weekend. This should raise a red flag! You must watch everybody! Follow your intuition and please be more careful when it comes to your kids!!!

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  1. I see this as a sick vicious cycle. For both men to attack him, let’s me know they must been victims. SMH, I am without words just heart broken. If you can’t trust your own dad and grandfather who in the world can you trust?

    Are you free to share his progress? Did he become a sexual abuser?

  2. This is great information. So sad this young man experienced such a horrible ordeal. I will like to know how he is doing today. Did his father and grandfather get sent to prison? Is this young man in prison today. His father groomed him first so it sounds like his father and grandfather has been doing this for years. Long before raping this young man. Thank you for providing this information.

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