It happened in a public bathroom

I just can’t understand why a parent would send their child alone into a public bathroom!!! I interviewed a teenage male, who said he went into a restaurant, hid in a stall, and was waiting for a female to walk in. He said that he was going to rape the first female that walked through the door. Well…a five year old walked in the restroom without her mother. He destroyed that girls’ life! He digitally penetrated her and was also getting ready to sexually penetrate her, but her mother walked in. I guess her mother was done eating and wondered what was taking her daughter so long. This is crazy!!! You cannot send your child alone in a public bathroom. Predators hang around places where they know parents will become careless and think that no one is crazy enough to rape their child. Guess what, a predator will always appear in places you least expect. This is how they get the opportunity to rape your child!!! WATCH YOUR CHILDREN!!!

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  1. This is awful ! I can’t imagine allowing my child that young going to the bathroom alone. These parents are careless and clueless. I just am so thankful for having a mother who protected me and thankful for being a parent who is protective. I had experience visiting at a church some woman gave my son permission go bathroom by himself. I had to let her know quickly my child does not go unattended, only I can make that choice. Without saying further who is going after him? Even though he is not that far away from the sanctuary, I do. I am not so ignorant enough to know that sexual assault can happen any where that is public, church is not off the limits. What is your thought, Ms. Jefferson?

    1. I agree!!! I interviewed a youth who was made to perform oral sex on another male in the church bathroom. When Noel Jones spoke at our church convention, he said he was raped in a church bathroom. You cannot allow your children to go to the bathroom alone!

      1. OMG that is awful to hear. Glad you put it out there because some people are ignorant to think that this can’t happen in a church setting. I’m starting realize with your guidance there is no safe public place.

  2. I agree! I refused to let my son use the men’s bathroom until he was too old to take in the women’s restroom. We had the 5 minute rule. Meaning, use the restroom and wash your hands in 5 minutes or I’m coming in there. After reading in the news about little boys getting raped in the restrooms I became very overprotective.

    1. Janice,

      You know overprotective is better than being careless ! I don’t think there is a such thing as being overprotective we must protect our children.

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