It started from pornography

Are you aware that a lot of youths start sexually abusing children after viewing pornography. The majority of the youth I have interviewed started accumulating victims after viewing sexually explicit movies. Mothers, please monitor what your children watch on television and the internet!!! And PLEASE stop buying your kids these expensive phones so they will not have access to the internet. Buy your children “Flip phones.” The only thing their phones need to do is ring, call out, and text!!!

39 thoughts on “It started from pornography”

  1. Very good insight and more people need become aware of the do’s n don’ts when it comes to protecting out children! Great job with awareness n prevention Jessica!

  2. Pornography plays a big part in warping a young child’s mind as to what sex is. Talk to your kids, be that “un-cool” parent that monitors their children activities. Too many parents want to be their child’s friend instead of a parent!!!

  3. Thanks Jessica for this book. Denise is right, parents needs to be parents and not friends to their children. We need to know when to draw the line!

  4. This blog should be universal because most parents do not have a clue about the capability that their teens have on their phone to access porn. Other than getting the word out there, what other form of prevention methods can you recommend to parents ?

      1. Ah, good point ! Thanks ! Since this is becoming a problem more and more. How can schools, learning communities, and other associations that help kids can be a part of prevention?

  5. Before the late seventies, due to the lack of women rights, a lot of times sexual abuse went unreported because there weren’t any guidelines.The first marital rape law was enacted in Nebraska, making it illegal for a husband to rape his wife wasn’t until in 1976. So imagine what children went through during those times. Sexual abuse was not openly discussed in society before or during the 20th century. Even today, society speak more about dealing with homosexuality than they do about rape or rape prevention. Children are constantly getting raped and the predators are getting away with it due to lack of education on ways to detect and/or to prevent it from happening. Thank you Jessica for educating mothers how to protect their children from sexual abuse. “What Mommy Doesn’t Know” gave me insight about child predators. I educated my child about adult strangers but we never discussed what to do if a child his age made advances toward him. This book is definitely a must read! Even if you don’t have children, you can protect your nieces and nephews from child rape. We now have better laws to put these predators behind bars! Thank you for this blog. It is time we start having a conversation about sexual abuse so these predators can be put away and lives can be saved.

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